We are excited to announce that on November 5, 2018, Makes & Models has opened our new location at 808 S Main St in downtown Salt Lake City. We are ecstatic to continue to provide excellent service for our clients! Thanks to all of you, we have outgrown our Layton facility! unfortunately the Layton location will close temporarily. but, we will be back soon. We appreciate all of our clients and hope to see you soon in SLC for all of your vehicle needs.


Dealing with the reality of an automotive repair is nothing that brings anyone joy. We understand that. Nevertheless, unexpected repairs are a reality for any vehicle owner. We strive to provide the utmost in value and confidence as we make an uncomplicated transition from a broken vehicle to a repaired one.

To understand this process is to understand the direct benefits that we are able to provide to you. From communicating with our service advisors, to the technical work that takes place to identify and resolve the issue, the end result is a repair that is guaranteed to last for 3 years and 30,000 miles. There are few, if any, businesses that can guarantee performance at this level. We have the values, the resources, and the data to offer this level of warranty with such conviction.

Our repair process begins with our service advisors listening, communicating, and documenting your concerns. Once your VW, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, or BMW reaches the skilled hands of our factory trained technicians, their experience, expertise, and specialty equipment ensure that your vehicle gets diagnosed carefully and quickly. When it comes time to execute the repairs, we will advise you on our course of action, which includes using the best OEM parts, or in some cases, a more robust aftermarket product. After the repair is completed by our technician, the vehicle goes through a thorough quality assurance check by our shop foreman. After a hand wash and vacuum, your service advisor will explain each aspect of the repair, advise you of any other findings, and let you know if the vehicle is due any scheduled services.  Now it’s time to get back to enjoying your vehicle!


Factory training is not the only qualification that defines our technicians but it is an essential one. European vehicles are engineered to a higher standard than other vehicles.  Because of this, their systems are robust and complex. Simply stated, VW, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, and BMW are not the easiest cars on the planet to work on. We rely on the highest level of training and background to qualify our technical staff. Beyond that, we require that each of our technicians is brand passionate. Having the necessary training is the first step. Having the desire to use your skills at the highest level is the next step in becoming a Makes & Models technician.

When your vehicle comes to us for service or maintenance, you can be assured that the technician working on your car has the training and the motivation to take care of your car as if it were their own. Their combination of skills and passion defines each of them as true craftsmen.


Our warranty is more than our guarantee. Our 3 year 30,000 mile warranty details our commitment to providing you the best solution when a vehicle repair is needed. Before a repair can be made, our factory trained technicians must first diagnose the vehicle. Our technicians rely on their extensive training to ensure that they can quickly diagnose even the most complicated issues. Using high quality OEM parts, as well as having access to robustly engineered aftermarket products, gives us an edge that dealerships do not have.

Once all repairs have been made, technicians work together with your service advisor to carefully road test your vehicle and verify that the repairs are complete and the issue is resolved. The last step in the repair process is giving your vehicle a detailed hand wash from our hard working shop assistants.


alternate transportation and shuttle rides

Convenience is no longer a perk of good service. It is a fundamental requirement for any long standing service relationship. For this reason, every scheduled maintenance, repair and performance tuning appointment, we can provide you with alternate transportation* or complimentary shuttle ride within 15 miles of our facility. Please let us know your needs when scheduling your appointment and we will do our best to facilitate your needs.  *Limited availability on loaner cars. 


When it comes to maintaining your European vehicle, using the appropriate parts, fluids, and tools is essential. When it comes to oil changes, tune ups, alignments and everything in between, there is no substitute for the correct parts and tools. OEM is a term that refers to "Original Equipment Manufacturer" parts. We only recommend parts for your vehicle that are either exact OEM parts or aftermarket parts that are an upgrade from the OEM equipment. This means that your vehicle will perform as designed, without malfunctions from incompatible or poorly constructed parts.

If your new VW, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, or BMW is still under warranty, our service records will clearly show that the best parts were used at the right intervals to maintain your vehicle's warranty.




We have nothing to hide! That's why when we built our new facility we installed windows so that you, our customer, can enjoy watching your vehicle be worked on by the best technicians in the business. Need a recharge? We have got coffee and wireless internet access covered. Plug yourself in at the coffee bar, pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, (we have a variety of K cups on hand), and take care of whatever is needed in your digital life.


Yearly alignments should be part of your annual maintenance program. This is especially true for all wheel drive vehicles in Utah. We have a state of the art, industry best, laser alignment rack in order to perform the best alignments in the state. Many shops do not invest in alignment racks, but we have chosen to do so as we understand how crucial this service is to safe driving and maximizing tire life.

Additionally, many tire shops do not understand the complicated nature of perfecting vehicle alignments for, nor do they have the equipment required to align European vehicles correctly. In addition to manufacturer setup requirements, our technicians take extra efforts to compensate for driver weight in the vehicle when they align your vehicle. Watch with confidence as we align your vehicle right in front of your eyes.



We all know our vehicles can leave a harsh carbon foot print on our environment. Makes and Models has made a valiant effort to reduce our footprint with its state of the art facility. The improvements to our new building include, Radiant heating, Led lighting, low flow faucets, battery operated vehicle lifts that lift the vehicle in half the time compared to our 220v older models. We also have an oil filter crusher to ensure all of the oil we collect makes it to our recycling bin. All of our batteries and toxic fluids we use are disposed of and recycled properly.